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  2400 W.Dublin - Granville Rd
  Columbus OH
  43235 USA

Child Program

Child Care

We have a wonderful child care center on the basis of our club. In our amicable group kids feel happy and free.

Our Child care has all necessary conditions for games, lessons and rest. Besides children are always provided with tasty fresh Russian meal and a healthy day time dreams.

We create the most favorable conditions in which Russian is constant language of dialogue.

Please look at our Daily Activities Schedule.

Kids' Playground and Bedroom:

Games on fresh air are being held on the fenced children's playground behind Russian Club building. Children sleep especially good after outside games and delicious dinner.

Kids bedroom is located on the second floor and reminds children a wooden house from their favourite Russian national fairy tales.

Our flexible prices depend on your opportunities - your kid can attend our Child Care every day full or part-time or every other day.

Russian Daycare Center "Romashka"

Immersing children in Russian culture

American daycares usually provide an English-based environment—but not ours. Arriving at Romashka Daycare, your child will begin their early childhood development in a Russian-language environment, while simultaneously learning and having fun. Parents will see their child’s lexical development rapidly improve in the Russian languages, in many cases often becoming the dominating tongue. With support from parents, the bilingualism achieved at such a young age can be fostered into a lifelong skill.

At Romashka Daycare, we create the ideal environment under which the Russian language can become a natural language of communication. Children are able to communicate and learn in our friendly and warm environment.

Help your child develop their bilingual skills; skills that will open a door to unique people and culture. Knowledge of the Russian language will allow your child more opportunity not only in their future profession, but in developing their identity as well.

2400 W.Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus OH 43235 (614) 336-8070