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  2400 W.Dublin - Granville Rd
  Columbus OH
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Kalinka - singing and dancing show group

Kalinka Kids-Show

“KALINKA” KIDS SHOW-GROUP was formed in 2010 under direction of Tatiana and Elizaveta Vilenchuk. The main goal of this group is to preserve Russian, European culture and Folk Heritage through the vocal and dance art. We have performed at multiple festivals, schools, adoptive organizations, Universities, and more.

For the last 3 years our group was applauded in New York, Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit, among dozens of other places. Songs are performing in Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew, English, and Yiddish with original dances. Come see the Russian, Gypsy, Jewish, and modern dances in colorful costumes!!!

Sing and dance with "Kalinka"! You can see many videos on YouTube

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