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  2400 W.Dublin - Granville Rd
  Columbus OH
  43235 USA

Piano and Vocal

Musical lessons are provided by Tatiana Vilenchuk for children and adults.

She puts her soul in the musical lessons, encourages children's interest to art and creativity from the earliest age.

The musical education is being taught with elements of theatre and progress of speech. It enables educational process to be interesting and pleasant.

Tatiana graduated from the Moscow musical college “October Revolution” with the Red Diploma in 1981. She continued her studies at the Moscow’s Lenin Pedagogical University, completing her degree in music in 1985.

From 1986 to 1992, Tatiana worked in the studio “Rodnik” as a piano and choir instructor, as well as taught music theory. From 1992 to 1996, Tatiana worked at the Moscow House of Culture teaching piano, music theory and ear training to aspiring musicians. After moving to Israel in 1996, Tatiana once again expressed her love by leading piano and vocal lessons, as well as led music lessons in the “Mofet” school. After immigrating to America in 1999, she established herself as a choir teaching in the Columbus JCC. Since 2001 she teaches at the Columbus Russian Center, from her students have gone on to perform at the local schools, the Ohio State Theatre and beyond.

Tatiana has been a lifelong lover of music. From playing to singing to teaching, she has done it all.